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Creating Beautiful Smiles in Sugar Land

The Airway Dentists in Sugar Land, TX offer quality, compassionate care for patients of all ages. We are committed to providing a comfortable, family-friendly experience in a dental office that feels like home. Our office specializes in straightening your smile with Invisalign® and ensuring you breathe easier with our sleep apnea treatment.

dr kalli hale of the airway dentists

Dr. Kalli Hale

Dr. Kalli Hale focuses on sleep apnea and airway orthodontics treatment for our patients. She is passionate about healthy breathing because she knows the struggle of restless nights.

dr matt of the airway dentists standing with arms crossed

Dr. Matt Hicks

Dr. Matt Hicks is The Airway Dentists orthodontics expert. He is passionate about teaching and creating beautiful smiles that provide the best sleep possible for patients of all ages.

dr amanda of the airway dentists

Dr. Amanda Aparicio

Dr. Amanda Aparicio is most passionate about recognizing signs of poor sleep in children and teens. She hopes to educate all patients and parents on the healthy growth of the jaw and airway with the goal to prevent the long-term systemic health consequences of underdeveloped jaws and poor sleep.

Meet The Sugar Land Team

amanda doringcott, dental hygienist

Amanda Doringcott

Dental Hygienist / Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

Amanda has a deep passion for airway-centered dentistry and believes that proper airway and oral muscle function are essential components of overall health.

In addition to her work as a dental hygienist, Amanda is also a trained Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist. She recognizes the critical role that tongue posture, breathing patterns, and oral muscle function play in overall health and works with patients to correct any abnormalities.

As a clinical and didactic instructor, Amanda is also able to share her knowledge and expertise with other dental professionals. She teaches aspiring dental professionals about the link between oral health and overall health and inspires them to incorporate airway-centered dentistry into their own clinical practices.
Through her work as a Dental Hygienist, Myofunctional Therapist, and Educator, Amanda is making a significant impact on the dental profession and improving the lives of her patients.

Dental Services at The Airway Dentists in Sugar Land

The Airway Dentists in Sugar Land

Specialty Dental Services

While our Sugar Land location offers numerous dental services, we pride ourselves on the expertise we have in our specialty dental services to meet the needs of our patients and our community. These specialties include:

Financing Options For Your Dental Care.

At The Airway Dentists in Sugar Land, we aim to reduce any financial barriers when it comes to your dental care. We have multiple financing options and accept insurance from most major providers so you can receive the care that you deserve, and that fits in your budget. Each of The Airway Dentists' locations offer the same convenient payment options including insurance, dental membership plans, and third-party payment plans. Our promise to you is we will go over how much your services cost and discuss payment options before you begin any dental treatments. No more worrying about hidden costs and fees. To learn more about our financial options, visit The Airway Dentists Financial page by clicking the link below.

Financial & Insurance Information

Accepted Dental Insurance & Payment Options

Dental Insurance

We are happy to accept numerous insurance companies including Aetna, Cigna, Humana, MetLife, Principal, and more. We also accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover. Contact our Sugar Land office for specific costs, post-insurance, and information on what's covered under your insurance plan.

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External Payment Options

The Airway Dentists accept CareCredit®, Compassionate Finance, and Lending Point as alternative payment options, so you can get the care you need and create a payment plan that best fits your budget. Each application process is efficient and simple.

External Payment Plans

We put patients first.

At The Airway Dentists, we believe that every patient deserves compassionate, patient-centric dental care. Our modern office features state-of-the-art technology and amenities so our patients get the care and comfort they deserve. Providing not only quality but also affordable dental care is our long-standing commitment to all of our patients. Visit our team at The Airway Dentists in Sugar Land—who puts you first.

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