The Airway Dentists Celebrates Grand Opening In Sugar Land

Texas-Based Doctor Uses Airway Treatments to Address Systemic Health Issues 

HOUSTON (FEBRUARY 15, 2023) – The Airway Dentists, a private practice of biological dentist Dr. Kalli E. Hale, today announces its grand opening on March 3, 2023, at 18718 University Blvd. in Sugar Land. The Airway Dentists specializes in airway orthodontics, an innovative approach that factors in how the structure of the teeth and jaw affect breathing and systemic health, the long-term consequences of dental treatment and how airway issues are linked to common symptoms like teeth grinding and major health crises such as heart attack and stroke. 

80 million adults suffer from sleep-disordered breathing that is leading to other health complications, yet a staggering 80-95% of cases go undiagnosed as the root issue of the larger health problem. In addition, the risk of heart attack increases by 30% within 15 years after an obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis if left untreated. 

“Our understanding of the link between function and facial growth and development has dramatically improved in recent years. Identifying patients with sleep-breathing disorders presents unique opportunities for dentists and orthodontists to improve a patient’s health and treatment outcome,” said Dr. Hale. “The Airway Dentists is about more than just a better smile. It’s my mission to raise public awareness of airway dentistry to save children from developing sleep apnea or other SDB conditions.” 

As an expert in airway orthodontics, Dr. Hale identifies sleep disordered breathing (SDB) in patients by looking for signs of mouth breathing during sleep including tooth wear, the position of the tongue and the condition of the mouth’s soft tissues. Her goal is to prevent SDB, which can devastate one’s health. A disrupted airflow causes the body to work harder to get enough oxygen. Low oxygen levels can lead to many dangers, with immediate signs including excessive gasping or choking at night, daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, sore throat upon awakening, high blood pressure, nighttime chest pain, difficulty concentrating, insomnia or restless nights, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bedwetting, irritability, oppositional defiant disorder, anxiety and depression.


The Airway Dentists treats hundreds of children and adults per year to correct underlying craniofacial issues versus just straightening their teeth. Dr. Hale uses different approaches for adults than for children, whose teeth and jaws are not yet fully developed. In children, she uses a variety of options to develop and grow their arches, align their teeth and improve their sleep quality. Adult techniques also vary, including adult expansion and mandibular advancement devices, which pulls the jaw forward. Regardless of age, every patient has access to the most advanced examination technology, including digital x-rays, dental cone-beam or CBCT scan (for 3D x-rays) and an in-house digital scanner to capture images of the soft tissue. 

“I never thought I’d get to a point in my career where I am no longer just doing restorative dentistry,” said Dr. Kalli E. Hale. “My life is so fulfilled by catching health issues such as sleep apnea in my patients. They look forward to seeing me because they are sleeping better and breathing better than ever before.” 

The 3,300-square-foot practice touts eight patient rooms and is equipped with two high efficiency ERVs in the HVAC system to pump in enough fresh air to replace the air in the building every four hours. Additionally, the HVAC system uses HEPA filtration. The Airway Dentists plans to expand its specialized practice and open future locations at an accelerated pace over the greater Houston area.


About The Airway Dentists 

Founded in 2019, The Airway Dentists is a private practice of biological dentist Dr. Kalli E. Hale. Airway centered dentistry is a growing field focused on how the structure of the mouth affects sleep disordered breathing (SDB) in both adults and children. Dr. Hale is a clinical advocate for VIVOS Therapeutics, an advanced procedure designed to treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, snoring, and SDB in adults, and works with dentists nationwide to develop clinical protocols for the treatment of these conditions. 

Since 2015, Dr. Hale has practiced at 2750 West Main Street D in League City, Texas, in the offices of New Teeth Dental Solutions. 

For more information, contact The Airway Dentists at 281-207-0790 or visit Follow on Instagram: @theairwaycentereddentist and @the.airwaydentists.

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