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Pediatric & Adult Sleep-Disordered Breathing

The Airway Dentists provide treatment for sleep-disordered breathing, but we primarily focus on treating pediatric patients for this issue. If you have or suspect you may have sleep apnea, we can still help treat you. Depending on your age, there are a couple of differences in our process – read below to learn more.

Sleep Apnea Process In Kids

At The Airway Dentists, we focus primarily on helping kids who have sleep apnea. Before they receive treatment, there are a few steps that we follow:

  1. The parent of the patient will fill out new patient paperwork.
  2. One of our Airway Dentists will perform an exam and discuss any symptoms your child exhibits.
  3. We will discuss oral appliance needs for orthodontic, growth, and development or sleep-disordered breathing.

Airway Orthodontics Process For Adults

Our process for adults is similar to our kid’s sleep apnea process but varies slightly. Read below to learn more about our process for adults.

  1. You will fill out new patient paperwork.
  2. You will complete an at-home sleep test. This sleep test includes a sleep imaging ring that you will sleep with for two nights in the comfort of your own bed. The sleep test connects to an app on your phone, and we collect the data immediately when you wake up. Once the data is interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician, we will then have your sleep apnea diagnosis and will be ready to discuss this with you. This process takes approximately two weeks.
  3. We will discuss oral appliance therapy or CPAP options depending on your sleep test results.

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